ADR 1 i 7


SCG offers specialised solutions for dangerous goods (road) transportation throughout Europe. We are qualified to transport all 9 classes of dangerous goods, including Class 1 Explosives and Class 7 Radioactive material.

We offer trucks that are fully equipped to carry hazardous materials. SCG ensures our customers that all drivers are fully trained and qualified according to the ADR regulations.

According to the ADR Convention, our company has a certified ADR consultant who is responsible for implementing and controlling monitoring procedures concerning carriage of dangerous goods as well as ensuring compliance of our operations with requirements specified in the ADR Convention and the Act on Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road.

Available vehicles for ADR transport:

-Delivery vans with payload capacity of 1000kg, dimensions 420*200*200

Response time:

-Loading possibility within 4 hours of the receipt of the enquiry in any place in Europe


In case of ADR transport, classes 1 and 7, we need 3 hours to prepare the offer.

Should you have any questions regarding ADR transport, please email :